SPFL Unacceptable Conduct update

Monday 17th July 2017

In January of this year the SPFL published updated and newly approved League-wide guidance on “Unacceptable Conduct”, applicable to all 42 member clubs.

It set out what is expected of the home club for any SPFL match at its stadium, described what is expected from both home and away clubs with regard to the identification of supporters and others who misbehave and stated that proportionate disciplinary measures should be taken against anyone engaging in Unacceptable Conduct. 
That guidance can be viewed via this link as Annex 5 to the Rules & Regulations: 

The definition of what constitutes Unacceptable Conduct is provided at SPFL Rules H25 to H32 which can be found at the same link referred to above. Unacceptable Conduct extends to a wide range of violent and disorderly behaviour within stadia.
The SPFL is continuing to work with the Scottish Government on this matter and has agreed to collate and share information with both the Scottish Government and Police Scotland regarding incidents of Unacceptable Conduct at SPFL matches at regular intervals throughout the upcoming highly anticipated Scottish football season. 
The SPFL condemns any incident of Unacceptable Conduct and this collaboration demonstrates the SPFL’s ongoing efforts to work with key stakeholders and help Scottish football effectively address any instances of Unacceptable Conduct at SPFL matches identified and reported by its match delegates and Police Scotland. 

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