SPFL update on Unacceptable Conduct

Tuesday 10th January 2017
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The SPFL has published its updated and newly approved League-wide guidance on “Unacceptable Conduct”, which applies to all 42 member clubs and is effective immediately. 

The updated guidance sets out what is expected of the home club for any SPFL match at its stadium. It also describes what is expected from both home and away clubs with regard to the identification of supporters who misbehave and that proportionate disciplinary measures should be taken against any engaging in Unacceptable Conduct. 

There is also new guidance on club communications such as Unacceptable Conduct statements, as well as on ticketing information and pre-match information sharing, while all supporters attending SPFL matches should adhere to the ‘Fans’ Charter’ published by the Scottish FA. 

In addition, clubs are guided to “develop proactive programmes and make progress towards raising awareness of the prevention and, where present, elimination of Unacceptable Conduct in stadia in which official matches take place”. 

The updated guidance can be viewed via the following link as Annex 5 to the Rules & Regulations: http://spfl.co.uk/docs/067_324__rulesofthespflasat01_jan_17current_1483611871.pdf 

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster said: “The SPFL and its member Clubs are committed to preventing and to addressing Unacceptable Conduct where it arises, to ensure our stadiums are friendly, welcoming and safe environments where all supporters can enjoy Scottish football.  

“This ongoing work includes this updated guidance for clubs which sets out the reasonably practicable measures that member clubs can take to address this issue and to identify and sanction those who engage in Unacceptable Conduct. It has been fully consulted on with all 42 clubs, the Scottish FA and the Scottish Government and, indeed, dialogue continues with the Government on a number of further measures which will be discussed early this year.” 

The definition of what constitutes Unacceptable Conduct is provided at SPFL Rules H25 to H32 which can be found at the same link referred to above. Unacceptable Conduct extends to a wide range of Violent and Disorderly Behaviour within stadia.
The new SPFL guidance on Unacceptable Conduct covers, in full, the following areas: Club Unacceptable Conduct statements; Match Announcements; Ground Entry Conditions; Search and Confiscation; Collection and Sharing of Ticket Issue Information; Internal Identification Measures, Disciplinary Action; Pre-Match Information Sharing; Policies and Procedures; Removal of Unacceptable Materials from Grounds; Development of Programme; Annual Report; Incidents of Unacceptable Conduct; CCTV Systems and Retention of Data; Investigation and Reporting of Incidents of Unacceptable Conduct; Sanctions for Unacceptable Conduct; Club Records and Reporting.

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