St Mirren FC Community Trust

Thursday 19th December 2013
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A new charitable trust has been set up in Paisley to help local people affected by problems such as poverty, unemployment, and poor health.

The St Mirren FC Community Trust will be able to apply for grants and charity funding to help achieve these goals.

St Mirren FC chief executive, and trust board member, Brian Caldwell, said: “Our success as a football club depends on the fantastic support that we receive from the local community who turn out to watch us every week.

“Setting up the St Mirren FC Community Trust will allow us to support local people by organising events and activities that will have benefits such as improving community safety, helping people back into employment, and improving mental health and physical fitness.

“We want to encourage people from across the community to get involved in the trust’s activities, so they will be free of charge wherever possible.”

The development of the St Mirren FC charity was supported by Engage Renfrewshire who provide help and services to community groups, voluntary organisations and charities across Renfrewshire.

Engage chief executive and chair of the new trust, Alan McNiven, said: “St Mirren have always been good at putting a lot back into the local community.

“Football has strong community roots and clubs can be great organisations for supporting local people.

“The St Mirren FC Community Trust hopes to use the draw of football to engage local people in a wide range of activities.”

The other members of the trust’s board are Claire Dorris, head of finance, Engage Renfrewshire, and Alan Wardrop, chairman of St Mirren Fans Council.

More information on the trust can be found at

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