Rules of Play

The SPFL Score Predictor is a football scores prediction game that will keep you and your friends entertained during the 2020/21 football season and give you the chance to win some great prizes!

Game Overview

The concept of the game is to accurately predict the outcome of each of six selected football matches within the Fixture Round. Points are awarded to a player based on how close their prediction is to the actual score of the match.

Every player entering will be entered in the main league. The SPFL will award Leaderboard Competition Prizes (detailed in the table “Leaderboard Competition Prizes” below) based on results in the main league and points accumulated over each season.

Beginning with the Round starting on 06/02/2021, there is also an opportunity to win Correct Score Prizes (detailed in the table “Correct Score Prizes” below) related to the number of scores which a participant predicts correctly in one Fixture Round. The Correct Score Prizes are in addition to, and do not affect a participant’s eligibility to win, the Leaderboard Competition Prizes.

There is also an opportunity to create or play in a Mini-league and players can enter up to ten of these.

Scoring for Leadership Competition

After every Round scores will be calculated based on the accuracy of the Prediction vs the Actual Outcome of each match. Points are awarded as follows:

• Correct result (i.e. win/lose/draw) – 2 points

• Correct score (i.e. correct prediction of number of goals scored) – 5 points

The scoring is calculated on the match result after regular play (i.e. 90 minutes). Goals scored in extra time or penalty shoot-outs are not taken into account.

In addition to the basic Scoring system described above, you will be asked to provide a Golden Goal prediction, where you will be asked to guess the minute of the first goal to occur in any of the featured matches. Golden Goal predictions will be used in the event of a tie break if required.

Entering Scores and Deadlines

A player enters their scores by going to PLAY NOW. A player has to enter scores 1 hour before the official kick-off time of the first selected match within the Round. If a selected match is scheduled to start on Saturday at 15:00, a player will be able to enter their score up until 14:00. The scheduled kick-off date and time can be found on the Round page.

A player is able to go into PLAY NOW and change score selections up until 1 hour before the first selected match is scheduled to start. No updates to predictions for any of the matches within the Round can be made after the Round has closed. This means that if the first match in the Round kicks off on Saturday at 3pm and there’s another match in the Round that kicks off on Sunday at 3pm, the Round will close for entries on Saturday at 2pm.

The Leaderboard will be re-calculated once all the selected matches within the Round have reached full-time and will display the accumulated score of every registrant of the game. The player that heads the Leaderboard at the end of the season will win the tournament and will win the main prize. All points appearing in the Leaderboard will be based on the Scoring system above. Players with exactly the same points will be deemed to be equal and will be displayed in alphabetical order by their player name.

In the event that there is more than one winner at the end of the Leaderboard competition, the Leaderboard Competition Prize winner will be selected on the basis of their Golden Goal predictions.

The player that has accumulated the most points within a calendar month will win the Leaderboard Competition Prize for that month as noted in the Leaderboard Competition Prizes table below. In the event that there is more than one winner at the end of each calendar month, the prize winner will be selected on the basis of their Golden Goal predictions.

For each Round, there is also an opportunity for participants to win a Correct Score Prize directly related to the number of scores which a participant predicts correctly in that Round only.  Please note there are NO prizes for each Round available for correct results predictions or correct Golden Goal predictions.  No Correct Score Prizes will be available for correct score predictions for Rounds prior to the Round starting on 06/02/2021.

Prize winners are subject to the Eligibility Criteria contained within the Game Terms and Conditions (link below).


Entry into SPFL Score Predictor gives players the opportunity to create and manage their own Mini-leagues. Each player can create or play in up to 10 Mini-leagues.

The Player that creates the Mini-league can control invites and access to their mini-league. The SPFL will only accept registrations that are 'family friendly', meaning the Mini-league name should NOT contain any foul or abusive language or any content that may offend other players.

SPFL Score Predictor will be used by players of all ages and therefore the SPFL reserves the right to reject player names and Mini-league names which are deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or confusing.

Standings in each Mini-league will be published on the website at the end of each Round and calculated by the central database

Round Fixtures

The competition is divided into Rounds. Rounds are defined as six fixtures across all four SPFL leagues - Premiership, Championship, League one and League two on a single weekend.

Abandoned Game

If a game is abandoned for any reason, it will be removed from that Round and added to the Round in which it is rescheduled.

Leaderboard Competition Prizes

August 2021

FIFA 22 game on format of choice

September 2021

FIFA 22 game on format of choice

October 2021

Football Manager 22 game on PC

November 2021

Topps Match Attax deluxe pack

December 2021

Signed Ball from Team of Choice

January 2022

Signed Shirt from Team of Choice

February 2022

FIFA 22 game on format of choice

March 2022

FIFA 22 game on format of choice

April 2022

Mitre Match Ball

May 2022

Signed shirt from team of choice

Overall Winner

2022/23 Season Ticket from Team of Choice

Correct Score Prizes per Round

Number of correct scores predicted in one Round

Correct Score Prizes – one prize per participant who attains the corresponding number of correct score predictions in one Round

(only one prize is available per participant per fixture round)


1 (one) x Playstation 5 with 1 (one) x digital copy of each of the following Playstation 5 games: PES 2021, FIFA 2021, Call of Duty:  Black Ops Cold War.


12 (twelve) x £20 Papa John’s E-vouchers (spread across one calendar year with one E-voucher valid in each calendar month for twelve consecutive months).


1 (one) x Papa John’s voucher code for a free Big Match Bundle.


1 (one) x Papa John’s voucher code for a free large pizza.


1 (one) x Papa John’s voucher code for one free garlic pizza sticks side OR potato tots side.


1 (one) x Papa John’s voucher code for £10 off with a spend of £25 or more.


Terms and Conditions

Please visit the following link for full terms and conditions.